Buy, Sell, and Lease Oil & Gas Mineral Rights, Securely

Created by Mineral Owners FOR Mineral Owners

The first safe and secure platform for sellers to market their mineral and royalty interests

  • Simplifies the acquisition and disposition of mineral rights in one platform.
  • Sellers can create a continuing listing to market their minerals for sale or lease within minutes.
  • Properties typically range in value from $1,000 to $5M.
  • Built for individuals, family offices, bank trust departments, foundations, churches, universities – anyone with mineral inventory to sell or lease.

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A Message From The Founder

Gib Knight, Founder

The oil and gas mineral market has long lacked transparency and liquidity and as a long-time mineral owner, I know the frustrations associated with buying, selling, and leasing minerals. I have taken my 40 years of experience and relationships and created a platform to bring more transparency, liquidity, speed, and efficiency to the mineral space.

Gib Knight


Frequently Asked Questions

For assistance with more questions about our platform and how to buy, sell, or lease minerals, please visit our HELP DESK

What Is Red River Hub?

Red River Hub. (RRH) is an online platform used to list and or search for mineral rights to buy, sell or lease. Currently, we are accepting only Oklahoma properties but will open up for Texas and New Mexico, soon.

The easy-to-use platform facilitates the process with a continuous listing option, where sellers can receive offers without any commitment to sell and only agree to an offer with the price, terms, and conditions they are willing to accept.


Will I know Who The Buyer or Seller Is?

Yes, both parties are verified by RRH, and we provide their name or entity that they are using. Only the mineral owner, court-appointed representative, or otherwise legally designated representative can list a mineral property for sale or lease.

Buyers may not create an account without an invitation and onboarding process for verification.

Our Buyers include publicly-traded companies, private equity groups, royalty aggregators, trusts, foundations, family offices, funds, investment groups, and high net worth individuals.

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up for access and a person from our support team will reach out to get you started.  Our process verifies you are a mineral owner and/or a qualified buyer. 

What Are The Commissions Or Fees Charged?

RRH charges a success-based transaction fee, so there is no charge to the Buyer or Seller until a transaction closes. For more on our commissions, click HERE.

Does RRH Represent The Buyer or Seller?

RRH does not represent the buyer or the seller in any transaction.  RRH provides the PLATFORM to help connect those wishing to list mineral rights for sale or lease and those looking to purchase or acquire such rights.

What Is The Closing Process?

The terms and conditions are those agreed to by the parties. Typical closings are 30 days or less but could be more based on the number of properties and time necessary for due diligence.

The Buyer will prepare the closing documents and the closing will be handled through the escrow department at our bank.

Our Help Desk has all the answers to your questions. Visit it for more information.



 Technology-focused, secure platform  in which oil and gas minerals are bought, sold, and leased


Easy to use with a reliable step-by-step process that manages all offers, negotiations, and closing until the deal is done.


Only Red River Hub has a peer-to-peer transaction platform, which includes the added security of an escrow process facilitated through one of Oklahoma’s most secure and recognized banks.


No more phone calls and endless emails to lease or sell minerals.  Enjoy the seamless efficiency of an online platform with vetted buyers who have the money to close on your transaction.  Our platform also weeds out anyone representing a mineral interest who isn’t the owner or a qualified representative.

Free Mineral Rights Guide

If you are new to owning mineral rights, you’re probably overwhelmed. Determining how much your minerals are worth and what your options are is a complicated matter. That’s why we created this FREE E-Book – to help mineral owners quickly get a handle on the most important concepts in ownership.


Note: Book a free 15 minute call with a specialist from our onboarding team at RRH and discover how to access and use the platform as either a buyer and/or seller.

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